Art Pass

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The Problem

With no access to the benefits of Student Art Pass during Covid, we need to find a way to make buying a  subscription desirable for students now.

The Insight

Animal Crossing New Horizons has seen 1.2m sales in the UK and has quickly become a staple way for people to "meet up" and provide escapism from lockdown with endless exploration possible.

The Solution

We use Animal Crossing to translate the benefits of the Student Art Pass in a virtual, covid-friendly way, bringing the art world to life through interactive, shareable content. 


The Student Art Passport


By collaborating with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Art Fund can create in-game versions of all the art galleries, museums, castles and gardens for those with the Student Art Pass. They will have access to all venues, from anywhere, at any time, even during a pandemic. 

Student Art Passes will have a revamp for their 4 month release. Students will be able to order their Art Passport from the Nintendo eShop as well as online. They will be encouraged to customise their passes with their Animal Crossing personas, creating a further attraction for fans and nod to their individualities.

Limited Edition Personalised Passes

Museum Islands

The exclusive islands will be virtual versions of museums & galleries usually accessible to those with Art Passes. They will be open from September -December, whilst the real versions are closed. Rather than just looking at photographs of artworks online, they are able to explore the locations and atmospheres of the islands in an interactive way, alone or with friends. 

Exclusive Items- DIYs & Design Codes

Those with passports to the museum islands will be able to find exclusive DIYs as well as outfit codes inspired by real works of art that users can take home to their own islands. These will become sought after items in the Animal Crossing fandom due to the mystery and exclusivity that surround them. 

Student Events

Tom Nook will announce student events to all users once a week throughout September to December, creating hype and intrigue around the mysterious, exclusive islands. This sort of advertisement is unique to all other student offers that will be saturating these months and will stand out.


Animal Crossing has been a staple way of “meeting up” during all stages of quarantine. Events will be advertised by university pages as well, encouraging people to meet like-minded artsy folk that they might not have met so easily otherwise, not just in their own uni but across the UK.

Students have an opportunity to socialise and explore in a familiar virtual territory,

they can explore museums without pressure so that when the real thing reopens 

they will feel more comfortable and welcome