• Charlotte Alford

Nusa Penida

"Where are we again?"

"Nusa Penida... it's like Penis but minus the s and da on the end"


Day 6

Shauna is no longer in charge of booking accommodation.

Goodbye air conditioning. Goodbye pool. Goodbye indoor toilet.

Hello useless fan. Hello filling a jug with water and pouring it down a hole in the ground. Hello sleepless nights listening to questionable/somewhat terrifying noises that turned out to be geckos having sex.

Day 7

I promised my grandad that I wouldn't do anything stupid... so today we hired mopeds with two left mirrors and neither a working fuel gage or speedometer. To say we took our lives in our own hands is an understatement. Since neither of us have ever driven on two wheels, we decided to take it easy and go up a ridiculously hairpin filled cliffside road. It took us two hours and over a dozen near death situations to reach our destination. We were so stressed that by the time we got to Kelingking Beach, we took a quick snap to prove we had been there, and turned around to find a place we could dump the bikes and get a recovery Bintang.

Unfortunately my lack of gages meant that I did run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. Shock. Who would have seen that coming.

Shauna was riding ahead and didn't seem to notice that she was missing a burnt ginge "driving" beside her. So I just sweated at the side of the road, hoping she would eventually notice that she was missing her dear chum. I wasn't sure if I could actually see a knight in shining armour (due to her sweat levels) riding towards me, with a bottle of yellow (presumably fuel) strapped to her chest, or if the heat stroke was taking its toll, but I was elated none the less.

We celebrated in a sea view pool. I had never thought I wanted to be in a situation where I could choose daily whether I want to swim in water salted or unsalted. But I have grown very quickly accustomed to it... It's a hard cultured life I'm leading.

Day 8

The downside with this island is that there seems to be no coconuts.

Completely unacceptable.

So we are leaving Nusa Penida after only a couple of days and heading to our next (hopefully coconut filled) stop, Kuta Lombok.

Despite my terrible motion sickness tendencies, the journey included jumping on the back of two lovely girls mopeds, with my massive backpack and Shaunas' two backpacks (how the bikes didn't topple over, I'll never know) and an unknown number of boats rides.

What could possibly go wrong.

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