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Day 8: The beginning of the end

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

Today is our last day in our wee furnace of a room. It is getting me strangely emotional. Each of us having our own wee seats that we individually stuck to after day one. Moving the tables each morning for us to play a game of woosh. Then being over zealous and moving them far too far back. Eating my body weight in Croissants each day. Forcing everyone at our table to listen to my strong snack opinions. I bet they all regret mentioning couscous. Today is the last day of all that and I am emotional. I couldn't even fully enjoy my fifth croissant of the day. At least I have my travel mug back.

To celebrate our last day, we had a talk from Tobey Duncan, Strategy Director at Uncommon. Tobey has one of the most fantastic accents I have ever heard. He could give an in-depth talk about paint drying and I would find it fascinating. Luckily he had a much more interesting topic at the ready and spoke to us about how to write a creative brief. He took so much time to discuss different aspects with us and even went back over slides when we didn't fully understand something. Tobey also brought up a very interesting quote form the IPA that stated:

"Judging ideas is both an innate talent and a skill. It's both rational and emotional. It's where personal tastes and preferences can collide with process and consensus. It requires imagination, leadership and trust."

I still have absolutely no clue how I got onto this programme or what I am going to actually present in two days time. But one thing I am sure of, is that I am going to do it my way. Strategy is such a hard industry, because each brief is both formatted and unique. At the end of the day people, usually, just want to feel like they fit in. So while we are constantly told that this industry needs different, you can feel this overwhelming pressure to try to be in keeping yet, somehow, original. I am the definition of a people please, so it pains me to say this, but what this quote highlighted to me was that you can't please everyone. There are going to be people that hate my presentation. Hopefully, there will be some that quite like it. God I hope so anyway. But the main thing I realised from that IPA quote, is that as long as I like it and I am proud to stand up and present it, then I will know I have achieved something. If I crash and burn, then I will make swift and effective use of the open bar.

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