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Day 3: At least I have eyesight now

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

"It's all about the insight"  Every single Planner that has ever spoken

My glasses have arrived. I would like to thank my mother for posting those bad boys down with only a single sigh and some minor criticisms over the tidiness of my bathroom. First class no less.

Shaun, Tatiana and Jess from Mother came in and gave us a talk all about turning a client brief into a creative brief. I also got the chance to chat to Jess. For this, I do apologise. Many have told me that they are jealous that I am comfortable chatting to anyone about anything. But realistically, I talk when I'm nervous. One of my friends once joked saying "you must be anxious all the time then". It was quite an accurate statement in actual fact. I have major anxiety when it comes to social interactions. I kinda just blackout and ramble away. In this instance, I believe it started with "Hi, I'm not sure if you remember me, but you interviewed me" to "I once got Christmas socks from Innocent Smoothies". Humble brag.

At some point throughout the day, Mother provided us with five briefs. Of which, we are to work on one and present it on day 10, the final day. (dun dun duhhh) Side note: Take a drink for every time I use the word "Brief". It'll make this a much more interesting read.

Finally! Something for me to get my teeth stuck into. Five different briefs. God knows how many possibilities. And one insightful outcome to come. Dirty glasses on. Slightly (very) beaten up Mac at the ready. Whipped out a couple of highlighters cause I was feeling fancy. Time to show what a fantastic young strategist I really am. Give 'em the old razzle dazzle. Wait for the job offers to come flying in. Form a queue lads, form a queue.

The only slight issue seems to be that my brain has taken an indefinite holiday. Hope it is somewhere nice.

There just doesn't seem to be anything in there. Not to worry, I am nothing if not a professional. When this happens, it is important not to panic and ensure you make good use of your time. Mostly by filling it with thought provoking and worthy activities. For example, I spent my time discussing my preferred apple and other various snacks that I enjoy. Including a nice slice of bread with humous, tomato, shallots and a wee sprinkling of salt. Food Podcast coming soon. I spent the day reading over and over the different briefs again with no idea of what to do next, hoping that the answer would just pop out of the page and land on my lap. When that didn't work I went swimming to "clear" my head of its emptiness. After that, I made the snacks that were previously discussed. After that, I went for a seven hour nap.

So, too summarise, I have eyesight, but no insight. Tempted to post the glasses back to see if it helps. 

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