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Day 2: Is there a way to upgrade the storage in your brain?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

"At one extreme, there are the "grand strategists", who are intellectual, aim to see the big picture, are a little bit above the fray, and almost economists. At the other are the advert-tweakers, who peer myopically at advertisements, conduct group discussions, justify creative work to sceptical clients, and are almost qualitative researchers." Stephen King 

Apart from when my work alarm went off in the middle of Matthew telling us about ensuring we were professional in the workplace (Taylor Swift, All you had to do was stay), day two was also very successful. My brain has been stretched and filled with as much information as humanly possible. It was very typical that I then got a notification saying my iCloud storage was full and did I want to upgrade it? At this point it was necessary to finish the day with an afterwork pint (or two... and half a bottle of wine when I got home).

Matt, Adam, Chrissie, Sulmaan, Jessica, John-Paul, Matthew, Tressandra.

Even looking back on it now, it seems impossible that so many people were able to talk in one day. We went through everything from improving our CV's, to talks from strategists, to workplace attitude and etiquette. Everyone was so nice: Jessica is coming back next week to help us all individually with our CV's, Sulmaan was flat out inspiring with his brutal honesty, Matthew missed a meeting to answer all our questions and Tressandra stayed late because she took such an interest in us on a personal level, that she just couldn't leave. And that doesn't even cover everyone or truly scratch the surface.

There was just so much information to take in, but the thing I noticed most of all was the way everyones brain worked in a different manner. No one was the same. Everyone had different opinions. And everyone got their foot in the door in a way that was specific to them. The thing that I truly love about this industry is that diversity isn't just something that it pretends to promote, like so many industries; it is something that is vital to the survival and success of it. Something that always stuck with me from art school, was a poster on our woodworking studio, it stated:

"Do you want to make a box, or do you want to make a sculpture of a box?" 

It may seem like a very pretentious basic arty statement that many would roll their eyes at (me included at first). But it was at the end of the day, when I thought back on all of our speakers and I thought about everything I would take away from that day, that I found myself thinking, "what would their boxes look like?". Would some be delicate and precious? Would others be more animated and cartoonish. Or serious and structured? I could take a stab at guessing. JP for instance, I hope would have some RPG influence. But one thing I am sure of is that they would all be different. They would all come at it from a unique angle, using different materials, with a different idea of what a box is. Not one would be like the next. No one would criticise the other for misinterpreting or doing something not deemed correct. The variety would be embraced and celebrated. A simple as it may be, I find it almost beautiful.

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