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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

The Guinness book record for the longest human domino chain was set in Singapore on September 30, 2000. It was formed by 9,234 students and measured 4.2km.

One of the items on my bucket list is the Jewel, inside Changi Airport. So when booking a flight to Indonesia, I found this to be an opportune moment to spent more money, on an eight hour layover in Singapore, so that I could finally tick something off that ever growing list. Unfortunately it turns out that the Jewel isn't actually inside the airport... but outside... before you go through customs. So, basically, I just paid for a really uncomfortable, expensive airport nap.

Well this trip is off to a flying start.

Against the wishes and best judgement of airport staff (they took my prints and made me sign a waiver saying that I wouldn't bring drugs into the airport and when I missed my flight, they were not to blame) I decided to explore outside the realms of duty free.

Turns out it's hot and humid. And strict. Very strict.

Some of the things you can get into trouble for in Singapore include:

Jaywalking - $1,000 fine ($2,000 if you are caught twice)

Jumping over a wall - $200 fine

Annoying someone with a musical instrument - $1,000

Singing - as high as a three months imprisonment

So while I had a lovely day making friends with a group of girls that were also trying to find themselves, exploring the streets of Singapore and sweating through the clothes I was about to wear on a long hall flight (assuming I didn't miss it), I decided it was probably best that I head back to the airport before I lost my life savings and got myself thrown in jail for showing off my grade two piano skills and for perfectly rapping Eminems' Love the Way You Lie.

On my way back into the airport though, I did make time to tick a wee water feature off my bucket list...

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