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So, what have I done?

The Timeline

Now We're Here


I'm now one half of a London-based Scottish/Welsh creative duo with the wonderful Lucy Donagh.

Our experience encompass everything from print to PR, but our main love is in social and experiential.

We love a challenge so if you have any advertising needs, get in contact and put us to the test! 

Won The YCN Summer School Award

NOV 2020

Won The Side Show WTF Award

OCT 2020

Won Gold Creative Conscience Award

SEPT 2020

Started Working at Truant 

SEPT 2020

Went Official 

D&AD New Blood Academy

SEPT 2020

SEPT 2020

There was a lack of sleep and a dumb amount of time spent trying to make our faces into one face. 


Run Away 

AUG 2020 - NOV 2020

Won a D&AD Yellow Pencil

MAY 2020

TBWA London

MAR - OCT 2020



OCT 2020

This was where I met my beautiful creative partner, Lucy Donagh. 

Took a Gap Couple of Months

NOV 2019 - JAN 2020

In no way relevant, but any excuse to show some holiday pics and reminisce (brag) about drinking coconuts in Indonesia and van life in New Zealand. 



Worked in the office in a planning role for a total of three weeks before working from home commenced. 

Global Pandemic Hit 

MAR 2020


Graduated Edinburgh Napier

OCT 2019

Masters in Creative Advertising. Working with 15 of the best people on the planet. We laughed together, we cried together, we bought £3 bottles of wine and babybels together for a budget cheese and wine night.  

Won the Nods Student Awards 

MAY 2019

Fujitsu Project Management IP

JUN 2017 - JUN 2018

Moved to Reading for a year. 


Graduated DJCAD 

On my Gap Yaaaahr 

July 2016

Took my lil' Clio and drove around Europe with nothing more than an atlas, tent and a babe of a sleeping bag. 

JUN 2016

Graduated with a 2.1 in Fine Art, specialising in print making and sculpture. During my time there I played hockey, tested my liver capabilities and lived in a caravan in East Sussex because I couldn't find a flat to stay in during a summer placement. 

Won Six Foot Galleries

Best of Degree Show 

JUN 2016


The Boring Blur

2007 - 2016

There is not much to be said here, I went to High School, I went to Uni. I got braces. I got a full fringe. Safe to say it wasn't my most attractive phase. 

I did spend a month in Australia, but realistically the majority of time was spent sleeping, snacking and trying to find creative excuses for why I hadn't finished my homework. 


The Cute Years

Nov 94 - 2006

Need I say more? Hopefully not cause there really is nothing else to say. 


Started at the Bottom