So, what have I done?

Oct '20/Jan '21

We worked as a junior creative team on:

-  Adidas 

-  Lidl 

-  Yamaha | Winter Holidays edition of #MakeWavesWithWaves where we created social content with JNR Williams, The Amadeus Quartet and Rubin Henkel

Truant London

SEPT - OCT 2020

Worked as a junior creative team on:

-  Pepsi Max | Christmas CCTV ad where Santa knows he's been caught red-handed. 

-  Virgin Red

-  ABF The Soldier's Charity

-  Polly

D&AD New Blood Academy

SEPT 2020

Was offered full access to 2020's online version of D&AD New Blood Academy, working with other creatives to produce campaigns for a variety of agency briefs for Malibu, Superdrug, AirBnb and PUMA. We attended daily workshops and talks with a whole host of inspiring creative folk from here, there and everywhere!


TBWA London

FEB - OCT 2020

Worked as a junior strategist on:

McVities VIB I Very Important Biscuits.
Very hard to describe.

-  A multitude of Pladis brands

-  Facebook Portal 

-  AMD


OCT 2019

This was where I met my beautiful creative partner, Lucy Donagh! The academy was a two-week-long intensive course learning everything there is to know about strategy.


We worked separately on live briefs from Mother as junior strategists, collecting qualitative and quantitative research, producing insights and strategic outcomes from the findings. We presented to a room of 30 experienced strategists and researchers.


We participated in workshops and pitches from Proximity, TBWA, St Luke's, TRO, Elvis, ENGINE, Edelman, 1000 Heads, RAPP and YouGov.



Graduated Edinburgh Napier

OCT 2019

Masters in Creative Advertising. Working with 15 of the best people on the planet. We laughed together, we cried together, we bought £3 bottles of wine and babybels together for a budget cheese and wine night.  

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